Tiger e​.​p.

by Nightmaster



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"a flair for unconventional rythyms. Screeching riffs to thrash about to,
interspersed with repetative pared back sections, it seems to chart the
coarse of an argument. If you like music that dares to be different."
- inpress, Melbourne

"It sounds like Tortoise gone calypso; Mogwai drinking a Mai Tai
Nightmaster self-released this EP back in 2010 when it was heard by maybe 10
Melburnites. Which is tragic, because it’s great stuff.
Fortunately they’ve got Wireless Records looking after them nowadays and this gem
can finally be re-released and heard further afield"
- Rave magazine, Brisbane

"It is an odd thing that so much music seems like it's going to be fine until the
singer opens their mouth and drags the quality down several notches. How fortunate
then that Melbourne's Nightmaster has resisted that urge.
Their mathrock is of a curiously tropical flavour and it is, blissfully, entirely nil vox
- 4ZZZ staff picks Dec-Jan 2010-11"

"Another regular downfall of the no singing band - A tendancy to meander along on often needless
soloing - is avoided. These are pop song length snippets emminately suitable for tv travel show
theme use, but good ones"
- Drum, Sydney

"Just in time for another stifling summer, Melbourne’s year-old Nightmaster open their debut EP with a
song titled ‘Cool Breeze’ It’s all charmingly direct, with a catchy pop structure, ‘Circle Takes The Square’
pairs fascinating twists and turns with solid rhythms. ‘The Triumphant Cowboy’ comes out on top with sleek,
stop-start maneuvering. It’ll be interesting to see how Nightmaster evolves and solidifies in time, but for now
this EP is a swell, season-appropriate tonic."
- Mess and Noise


released January 15, 2011

Troy Coxhill, Matt Fox, Chris Turner



all rights reserved


Nightmaster Melbourne, Australia

<<<<<<During a violent storm that lashed Melbourne a couple of years back, Nightmaster formed in a run-down Victorian terrace to focus on the development of modern instrumental music. Their first EP 'Tiger was released by Wireless Records in 2010. In 2012, Wireless released the second - 'Ride the Wild Diamond'. Resist the stormclouds in your head. Stay true to the sunset in your heart. >>>>>> ... more

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